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"The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep."

These words by Robert Frost resonates in every traveler's minds. When we are traveling and exploring new destinations, the last thing that you require is 'dramas around a faulty luggage'. Hence, A robust set of luggage is what every traveler should own. 

At Active Bodies, we aim to ignite and liven every spark of activeness in you. We do so by supporting your wonderful endeavors of travel and lifestyle by sourcing and bringing to you well-made leisure and lifestyle accessories from bathers, gym gears to trolley cases to help you plan and smoothly facilitate your healthy lifestyle activities.

Our new collection of beautiful Marklon trademark polycarbonate suitcases from Ricardo Beverly Hills Luggage are one of those attempts to bring you a high quality product at very reasonable price. They are tested and proven to be very much crack resistant by exposing them to harsh real life conditions and all come with 10 years of International warranty. Just a point of advice: Always check your luggage for any damage before you leave the airport as the airlines are liable for any damage caused by mishandling of the luggage and any such issues will have to be notified and claimed instantly, before leaving the airport. And, any damage caused by the airlines are strictly not covered under manufacturer's warranty.

For those of you like me who don’t like the hard glazy look of the hard shell cases, we do have my favorite soft shell suitcases from Pierre Cardin that are very reliable stunning and equally well made as that of their hard shell counter parts. Other very handy option if you are travelling a lot by train in Europe or travelling to Japan or Hong Kong where maneuvering or storage of big luggage is bit tricky, are the Duffels on Wheels; easy to fold and store, narrow to wheel through and handy to be able to carry it around like a bag, that is if your shoulders and back can handle the weight inside ;)

A steady light luggage, a holiday planner and an empty corner of my house are the first 3 things that I put together once I have booked my tickets for my Holiday. 

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