Confidence From Within

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Confidence From Within

Don’t be Mistaken by the caption and think I am going to discuss about the ever vividly talked about inner self and building your confidence in a spiritual context.

Here we are talking about wearing a well-fitted, supportive  ‘BRA’ to give us the confidence to move around without having to deal with the ‘Bouncy’ feeling or ‘Digging In’ feeling pondering at the back of your mind.

Bras are a lady’s Best Friend. They are to be chosen based on your personality. Again, we are not talking about the prints and shades, instead its just the bare basic shapes and styles we need to choose rightly to look our best. Lets jump into the concept now.

I am a casual girl and I love my T-shirt & Jeans look:

Suggested Bra Style #1- Fantasie Rebecca

Key Attributes- Smooth Seamless, Light padding that aid in hiding our occasionally pointy nipples, Suits D-GG cup size. Comes in White, Red, Black, Nude and Pretty Pewter and there are matching underwear to balance out your lingerie collection.


Suggested Bra Style #2- Fantasie Smoothing

Key Attributes- Seamless, Super supportive with minimizing effect for those of us who prefer to tone down the size of our boobs a bit. Works like an armour with double lining, Suits D-H Cup sizes


I love my plunging neckline and adore my sexy lady look:

Suggested Bra Style #1- Freya Deco


Key Attributes- Seamless Cup, Plunging neckline that pushes the boobs forward and supports that beautiful cleavage perfectly. Suits D-GG Cup sizes

Suggested Bra Style #2- Freya Idol

Key Attributes- Seamless Cup, Slightly higher coverage with wide straps with a conservative yet plunging neckline, Suits D-GG cup sizes

Suggested Bra Style #3- Freya Strapless

Key Attributes-  Seamless Cup, Strap and strapless option with wider and higher band around for the support while adorning the stunning strapless pieces of clothing. Suits D-GG cup sizes

I love my sports and my activewear:

Suggested Bra Style #1- Freya Active Sports Bra

Key Attributes- Seamless Cup with light padding, Wider and higher support around the back with clips to let you pair them perfectly with your racer back tops. Suits D-H Cup. We try to stock the whole size range in Black and red, just in case if we don’t have any style by chance we can always order them in for you.


Suggestive Bra Style #2- Running Bare Crop Top

Key Attributes- Seamless Cup, Cross back adjustable , Suits A-C cup. A lot of my customers wear them as normal bra because it gives them flattering shape. Works well with most of the outfits.


Those were few words of wisdom I gathered after trying most of those styles being an F cup myself and also by fitting our wonderful loyal customers who come from far and near as they love their best friend. This is not any scientific fact or an ultimate verdict, just my opinion based on my personal and professional experience. 

Rightly fitted bra makes whole lot of difference to your outfit. That is the soul reason why most of the professional stylists ask you to bring few different types of your bras in when you go for a styling session. As we need right styles of bras to do justice to the outfit that you adorn. 

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